Debunking Common Collision Repair Myths

Collision Repair Myths

After a car accident, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the many decisions you have to make, including where to take your vehicle for repairs and auto body work. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions that can cloud your judgment. Here is a guide to the most common myths to help you make a more informed choice when it comes to collision repair services.

Myth #1 – You Must Use the Shop Recommended by Your Insurance Company

Many insurance companies have agreements with local body shops that result in policy holders enjoying lower costs and faster repairs. However, as an insured driver you have the right to pick any body shop you want. The adjusters at your insurance company are obligated to honor your decision and cover any accident-related costs as stipulated by your insurance coverage.

Myth #2 – Only a Dealership Can Make Your Car Look and Run Like New Again

While it is recommended to take your car to the dealer for routine maintenance, the same doesn’t hold true after a collision. Non-dealer-affiliated repair and body shops can order the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts your vehicle needs, and their technicians have the training, equipment and experience necessary to work on all makes and models.

Myth #3 – Insurance Pays for All Repairs

Not all insurance policies are created equally and may not cover all repair costs. If you carry collision insurance, the policy will likely include a deductible, which is how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket before your insurance company covers the rest.

Where you live can also determine how much you can expect to pay for repairs. For example, Minnesota drivers are required to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, which covers medical and non-medical expenses resulting from a crash but not the cost of damage to vehicles. This means you will have to carry additional insurance for repair coverage, which may not be comprehensive.

Myth #4 – You Must Get Multiple Estimates

Before your insurance company will write you a check, you must get a repair estimate from a reputable body shop. While some people believe you should get multiple estimates, you don’t have to. In some cases, this could slow down the repair process as you wait to hear back from several shops.

The body shop you get an estimate from will likely submit it to your insurer directly and once approved, you will receive a check you can use at the shop of your choice.

Myth #5 – A Damaged Frame Can’t Be Fixed

The high safety standards that modern cars adhere to means that even minor wrecks can result in frame damage. However, as long as your vehicle’s frame wasn’t structurally weakened, it can probably be repaired. A trusted body shop has the expertise to assess the damage and determine if the frame can be fixed without putting your future safety at risk.

Myth #6 – An Accident Will Hurt Your Vehicle’s Value

When you report a collision to your insurance company, it will show up on your vehicle’s history report, but this won’t necessarily bring down its value. Most buyers will be more concerned about the car’s appearance and structural integrity, which is why it is so important to choose a body shop that can perform quality repairs.

Expert Auto Body and Collision Repair Services in the Twin Cities

After an accident, getting your vehicle back to looking and running like new is likely one of your top priorities. You can trust the skilled technicians at Collision Center to perform high-quality, detail-oriented repairs that make auto body damage disappear. From offering a lifetime warranty on our work to the free car wash and vacuum we provide with every repair, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Check out our work and call (763) 541-9727 or contact us online for a free estimate.

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